January 1st is one of the best days of the year.  It’s like looking out on a field of freshly fallen snow.  It’s completely un-ruined and waiting for me to put my footprints all over it.

There’s something great about the new year.  You can achieve things you never thought you could.  You have a new field of snow.  A clean slate.  It’s time to make new decisions, and forget the mistakes you made the year before.

The Year For Me:  So…the other day I told myself that 2017 will be my year.  The year that everything good will happen, and it will be the best year EVER!  I know it sounds a bit cliche, but there’s no point wasting a whole year just thinking: “maybe next year…” or  “I’ll do it later”.  I have decided that I will make the most of 2017, and hopefully it will be the Best Year Ever.

Goals:  One of my main goals this year is to upload a blog post every week.  I know I haven’t been consistent AT ALL yet, but I might as well try this year!  My other ‘resolution’ or goal, is to have fun!  In 2016 I had soooooooooo much fun, so I really want 2017 to be the same, but even better!

Blogs to read in 2017:  In 2016 I came across loads and loads of blogs that I love!  I thought that I should list 3 or 4 here, so that you can enjoy reading their posts too!

The Beauty Analyst

It’s A Noor Thing

Anonymously Autistic

Mehtab Meets The World

Best wishes for 2017!! 🙂

Hugs and kisses,

Cozy xx


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