Yay!!  Christmas is nearly here!!  I know your probably thinking “omg it’s not even
December yet!” but seriously I am soooooooooo excited!  I know it’s not December yet, but there aren’t any rules saying when you can start getting excited about Christmas in November!

Why I love Christmas…

The reason I love Christmas so much, is because everyone is always so happy!  Even though most people are happy all year round, there’s just something about Christmas that makes everyone seem a little bit happier, or more excited or something.

Christmas Traditions…

Our family doesn’t have many traditions, but we do have a few, so I’d thought I’d list them here for you!

-We always put up our Christmas tree on the second Saturday of December!

-We always play charades after lunch!  It’s one of my favourite games to play at christmas, and the whole family can join in!

-This one isn’t really a tradition, but I like to snuggle up and watch a christmas film in the evening with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows!

When I go Christmas shopping…

Omg I absolutely LOVE christmas shopping!  Its so fun to buy gifts for other people, while having the thrill of shopping at the same time!  I usually go shopping for presents at the end of November,because I think that is the best time for me – so it helps me be more organised!

hugs and kisses,

Cozy xx

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