Nobody’s perfect

First of all, I am so sorry for not writing for ages!  (Not the best of starts to my blog!)

Body image is something that pretty much every teenager will come across.  (And adults) Sometimes it can be a good thing but it is normally bad.

For anyone who doesn’t know what body image is, it is the perception that a person has of their physical self, and the thoughts and feelings that are a consequence from that perception.  These feelings can be either positive or negative, or in fact, both!

Most teenagers – especially girls – will have an idea of what their body looks like.  For most, this is worst than it actually is.  Most people feel this way because of the overwhelming amount of media and internet thrown at us!!  What I mean by that, is that we are seeing images on the internet and social media of the “perfect” body.  It is plastered all over magazines and adverts – trust me, it’s hard to escape from it all!

People see themselves fatter, or spottier, or uglier than they actually are.  Some people may think their nose is too big, or they have too many spots.  Most of the time, people see the negative things about themselves, and make it a lot worse – normally withoout realising.

What I am really trying to say is that I am going to try and help people sse themselves in a positive light – and I will try to do the same!

My mum told me a really good way of helping with this:  before you get dressed in the morning, look in the mirror and put on your “mental makeup”.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself all the good things about yourself.  Look how wonderful you are!!

I really hope that I can help people who see themselves in a negative way, as I went through it myself, and it wasn’t very nice!!  Please let me known in the comments of what you think about this post,

Hugs and kisses,

Cozy xx

P.S.  I know that not everyone will see themselves in a negative way, so please don’t think that I’m criticising people about it.

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