10 things to start doing

This post is all about being a happier, healthier person.  I have chosen a few things that helped improve my lifestyle, and helped me to become a better person. (that’s what I think anyway!)  So… I hope you enjoy it!

  1.  Start drinking lots of water – This can help keep you hydrated (obviously!), healthy and it actually improves your mood!
  2. Have your five a day – This one is so obvious, but it’s actually not surprising how many people don’t eat fruit and veg.  Since I started eating lots of colourful, fruity foods it has actually boosted my mood, and I have felt a lot healthier.
  3. Read regularly – I do this anyway, and it is actually really good for you!  Apparently if you read for half an hour before you go to bed, it helps you sleep better! (and helps with school/work!)
  4. Go outside at least three times a week – this can help clear your brain, and also helps with growth and productivity!
  5. Go for a walk/swim/bike ride – it’s exercise, and it can, again, clear your brain and help with productivity!
  6. Have a clear out once every two months – this can help keep your house or room tidy, and create space for new things! (a great chance to go shopping!
  7. listen to relaxing music – Creates a really calm mood, and can leave you feeling really happy!
  8. look at old photos – this can bring back so many memories, and is just a nice thing to do!
  9. Shower every morning – This is a no-brainer.  It helps you stay extra-clean and it helps you to wake up
  10. Try meatless Monday – a really fun chance to find new, vegetarian meals to cook!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

hugs and kisses,

Cozy xx


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